Our Quality & Service Can't Be Beat!

Our Quality & Service Can't Be Beat!
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The most flexible stationary storage solution on the planet! The one step is a full sized container mounted and delivered on wheels. Sizes are 16′, 20′ 27′ 28′ 35′ 40′ 45′ 48′ & 55′. One sturdy steel step allows you easy access to store or retrieve your stored items. A great choice for residential areas where space is limited.

The One-Step is a Hecht Trailers exclusive!

This is our popular One-Step storage unit. All the strength, room and ease of a ground level container but with design features that make it possible to go where ground level containers or truck  just can’t go.

Ground level storage requires at least 60′ of straight access to unload the container. That isn’t always possible in residential or even construction areas. The One-Step, built on low profile axles, can be maneuvered into place where other need plenty of clearance to lift off the storage unit.

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