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Our inventory changes daily. Please call or text us 732.349.1900 to get in touch with our team.

Our inventory changes daily. Please call or text us 732.349.1900 to get in touch with our team.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re often asked the following questions about our storage containers. If you need an answer that we haven’t already provided, please give us a call at 800.392.6829x2

What is the difference between a container and a trailer?
Storage Containers are the optimal choice if your needs require ground level storage. Containers sit flat on the ground which will give you easy access to the contents of the container. Storage Trailers are not ground level and remain on the frame of the trailer, on wheels. Storage Trailers can be moved on site but cannot be taken on the road while loaded, unless they are specifically built to be moved with your belongings inside it. Please see our Mobile Attics or our Low Profile units if you'd like to have your belongings moved from one location to another.

How much space is required for delivery?
A 20′ storage container needs approximately 60′ of clear, straight space. For a 40′ storage container, we require 100′ of clear straight space. Anything overhead like trees or wires must be cleared prior to delivery. We would require 12′ in width. A minimum of 14′ overhead clearance is required at the drop off location. 

How are your containers delivered?
We deliver our containers on a flatbed truck. In most cases, the driver backs up into your preferred spot, lowers the end of the container until it touches the ground, and will shimmy it off of the bed. Prior to delivery, our sales representative will ask you if you want your doors facing the front of the cab or the back of the cab. Remember - the driver is usually backing up into the space. Please make your decision at the time of your order as to which way you'd like the doors to face.

What color are your containers?
Most of our containers are either an almond color or light grey.

Can I move a container from one location to another?
Once a container is loaded with material, it cannot be moved. Please take a look at our Mobile Attics or Low Profile units if you'd like to have your unit moved from one location to another.

How soon can you pick up my container when I am done with it?
Pickup usually takes 1-10 business days. Although we try our best to pick it up in the allotted time frame, it may take longer if certain situations arise.

Is my container protected?
You can protect the container itself against any minor unintentional damage for a monthly damage waiver fee. Your damage waiver protects the unit itself, not your belongings inside of it. Your belongings should be protected by your own insurance.

How far does Hecht deliver?
We deliver to all of NJ and some parts of DE, NY & PA. Please give us a call to find out if we deliver to your area.

How much will a container hold?
Based on how well you pack your unit, a 20′ container will hold approximately 1,280 cubic feet. A 40′ container will hold approximately 2,560 cubic feet.

What if my container needs repair?
Assuming the issue was non-intentional, we will put in a service request and have one of our skilled professionals come out and assess and ammend the situation.

What is the condition of containers for purchase?
Our containers vary from fair to brand new. Pricing is determined based on the age of the unit, as well as the condition. Any used containers cannot be purchased over the phone. You must stop into our Toms River location to see the available units we have for sale.